Setting boundaries

April 12, 2017 0 Comments
white ruffle skirt, turquoise turtle neck with capped sleeve

white ruffle skirt with turqoise capped sleeve turtleneck

Ever since I was young I always said to myself I am not a creative person, I had set boundaries for myself. To be quite honest, I have tried to think of a particular situation or a time when this became apparent to me or a time when I failed on something creative but I come up with nothing every time I think about it.

Many times people (including myself) hate hardships and trials, but the thing is hard times sharpen us and cause us to dig dip in order to find a solution to our problems. Constantly life happens to us and we have to then choose how we see the situations, as either an agent of change that is here to sharpen us or to break down and allow the situation to break us. Through my hard times, I have actually discovered how creative I am. Sometimes I even surprise myself and wonder whether I would have tapped into that creativity if my life had been smooth sailing the whole way.

And so I wonder, what boundaries are you consciously or unconsciously setting for yourself?

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