workout routines

Monday’s are for….Workout routines with Grace.

May 7, 2017 Comments Off on Monday’s are for….Workout routines with Grace.

workout routines

Workout tights here and here// Snickers here// Top here// Jacket here

I regret judging my mother. I didn’t mean to, it just happened. In my culture, they say grow up and see and so I suppose life in some way is paying me back. Funny isn’t it how we can presume to know everything about a situation before we even go through it. I am not exactly sure when it happened but I woke up one day, I was 29 and my clothes didn’t fit anymore. In my mind, I was like “I am pretty sure this was a little bit big last time.”

Before I knew it everything was small and I had to get my clothes in a size a bit bigger, and a bit bigger. The thing I found out is the weight is very sneaky, a kilo here and a kilo there you don’t even notice its happening and before you know it you are a size up. It’s not like I changed my diet or anything, it just happened.

Well, I thank God for my sister-friend Grace. I am a cheapskate and I am not ashamed to say it, so for the longest time I didn’t want to pay my money to go to the gym, and besides, I wouldn’t know which workout routines to start with. If I tell you the many times that I “started” a workout routine and then quit you would not believe me. Grace helped a lot in keeping me on track and providing a well-needed kick in the butt sometimes. She used to be a track and field champion and spent most of her uni life in the gym, so she can deliver the goods when it comes to working out.

So you, my friends are in luck, every Monday Grace is going to be doing a workout video for us that I will post on our facebook page to help us achieve our fitness goals and get that trim and slim waistline, I don’t know about you but I know I want one. If you want to get a lot more from your workouts and are in Perth, give Grace a shout on, she does one on one personal training and group training.

If you are not in Perth, why not tag a sister on our Facebook page here so when the videos come out every Monday you will be the first to know. You could even make a tradition out of it with a friend or a sister, that way someone can keep you accountable and you will stay motivated. I hope you will enjoy this segment, till next time, cheers!

workout routine