For people who feel left behind in life

June 5, 2017 Comments Off on For people who feel left behind in life

So I recently went for my friend’s engagement party (I know I am quiet but yes, I do have friends! Shame on you for thinking otherwise, lol). So being an introvert I saw some familiar faces and I was like YES!! Now I could only talk to people I know, my brain could essentially go on vacation and not have to come up with witty comebacks or intelligent observations, phew! After the usual pleasantries, someone on the table asked me if I had finally managed to get a job. I managed to jokingly explain that I hadn’t found a job yet and that at this point I thought my whole life needed a coach, like for real!  That old deflective trick, make people focus on everything else but the issue….

I think everyone laughed, I don’t recall a hundred percent what went down but I thought that was quite funny too in a tragic sort of way. The thing is I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me, I can take anything but not people looking at me with pitiful eyes, aye no! I am not one to throw a pity party in public (in private well that is a whole other story, and is not the point). What do you do when you feel like everything is in shambles and the more you try to keep juggling the more the balls keep tumbling down and everyone, I mean everyone you know is doing extremely well.

People say it helps to talk about it but sometimes it doesn’t, I find myself telling people I am super busy so I don’t have to talk and potentially get asked how my life is going (Ah nowhere, which was the same thing I said last time, except that last time I was super optimistic and pumped that something was going to change, like literally knocking on my door threatening to break it down kind of optimistic). I feel like the worst part is that most of the times people don’t offer solutions they just say ah it will be well (Oh so you mean I just poured out my heart to you for that? Heyii)

So I am saying all this to say if you feel like life has left you behind and you are in a slump, you are not the only one (in a Sam Smith voice), I get it and I totally understand. I would really advise against this course of action but if you feel like you really need a pity party (personally it feels better on my own), give yourself 24 hours. Do what you need to do to get through the slump (watch African movies, stay in your room all day, don’t talk if you don’t feel like it, oh and put that phone in a drawer somewhere, they can wait). Once that’s done get off your behind and do some work. All those plans you have made and the dreams you have written down are still waiting for you, you can’t give up now, go ahead JUST DO IT!

You have got this, the world is waiting for the unique talents and abilities that only you can bring to make it a better place. That voice in your head that is saying you are not good enough doesn’t know what its talking about. You are the one to do it, you are the one to change the world, YOU are the next Thomas Edison, you have only tried it 5 times, keep at it the 1000th try is going to pay off big time!

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