Beautiful accidents

July 6, 2017 Comments Off on Beautiful accidents

green short sleeved dress with ruching detail paired with gold strap heels with bow knot on the front, a gold clutch and mustard head scarf

Dress is old but similar here and here // shoes here in silver here // clutch old but similar here // sunglasses old but similar here

Years ago my mother bought me this beautiful green dress but I just always felt like it was a bit too mature for me. Well moms know best and I think she knew that a time would come when food would start doing ugly things to my tummy area, kkk. I love the shape of this dress because it has beautiful ruching like detail around the breast area which draws attention away from the tummy area. The way the material flows over the tummy, I could eat a couple of burgers and no one would notice lol.

Anyway, so my brother takes my photos for me, he is really passionate about photography and best of all he has the patience of a Saint, (bless him!) I suppose you would have to have patience if you have a sister like me ( I pity him, kkkk). So on this particular day I was running late and my head wasn’t done and so I just started pinning my headscarf and adjusting it and shockingly this fabulous style emerged, if I do say so myself.

In this I was reminded of how sometimes when things don’t work out the way we anticipated or planned if we just reasses and see what we can use from the situation we can end up with golden moments, amazing opportunities and beautiful accidents.   I hope you love the outfit guys and I would love your feedback so please be sure to leave a comment below, until next time, stay beautiful.