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3 Decisions that can change your destiny

April 27, 2017 Comments Off on 3 Decisions that can change your destiny

For a while now I have been on a path of self-discovery and growth. I have for a long time been in loserville and have been really trying to work on myself to see if I can get a break through (even the thought of it is exhausting). Part of my strategy has been to read self-development books and if I can’t read I will put on a motivational video (thank God for Youtube!). One of the teachers who has stood out for me is Tony Robins. I came across Tony Robins by accident just scrolling through documentaries as one does when they are bored out of their mind. He was this supercharged, very energetic, get off your behind and do something sounding guy who seemed to make a lot of sense. Like a whole LOT of sense! One thing he said still echoes in my mind till this day, “life is happening for you and not to you.”

I have for the longest time been a person who waited for life to happen, somehow I had the belief that I had no real control over my life which made me feel very powerless and feeling that I shouldn’t even bother trying because I could not change destiny. So I am saying all this to say that you have control, you can change your destiny and below are three decisions that control your destiny.

What to focus on.

The world has got so much noise! The thing is the more distractions you give time to, like negative gossip, negative people, your own mind that is telling you that you couldn’t possibly make it the less energy and time you actually have to give to things that matter.
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What things mean to you

There is a saying that goes “Winter happens to everybody.” Sure life happens, we get disappointed, we have setbacks and hold ups. Ultimately we choose what all these things mean to us and how they will affect us. They can either break us and make us bitter, or we can choose what to take away from that situation, what lessons to embrace and move ahead with greater focus and clarity. I was watching The Secret and there was a part of the documentary where some of the teachers sort of gave a snippet of what they had each individually gone through. They had gone through some pretty intense Winters! From homelessness to abuse but instead of letting their experiences break them they chose to flourish. Sure it’s not easy but as each day you make a conscious choice to become more and focus on the positive it will get easier.

What to do

What I know from personal experience is that sometimes life tests our staying power and sometimes it is the critical moments of growth and change or hardship that force us to become more, better and faster. When things did not work out the way I had envisioned, it forced me to dig deep into my talent reserves to see what I could use to get through the tough times.